Game - June 19, 2022

Learn About Dogeiemon Story

Dogeiemon adventure begins with Stefan and Luke who have been friends since their childhood they work together to stop the evil plans of Dr illusion and help to release the captured dogeie. They work hand and paw to train and become the greatest Dogeie Masters in the Dogeieverus. Dr illusion has become very bored as he rules the whole world with his algorithm. He decided to invest in the new grounds that would hold the DX games. A high-pace intensive skill driven games that determine the farm production of different communities surrounding the Colosseum. Food and resources to survive have become very scarce and most of the communities are terrified to even reveal themselves to Dr illusions team. They survive on the bare minimum but the Dogeie Crew has made it their life mission to help restore peace back to the valley. They have become highly trained at rescuing captured dogeie and building their strength throughout the mainland.