Game - NFT - November 19, 2021

My Pet Dogeie (Designed By 11 Year Old)

This is a beta so this is not the finished product, I’m still working on small bugs, let me know in the comments if you see any new ones. I made a mini-game where you can earn coins and buy stuff in the $uper $hop SUPER SHOP SUPER DEALS. If you have an idea let me know in the comments below have fun.
Click on the bed to make your dogeie sleep, click on the bone to eat remember to feed him or he will die!
_____HOW TO SAVE GAME________
to save the game you must go through 2 steps.
STEP ONE you have earned a lot of money and you want to save so the first thing you must do is push the save button and then write down you’re save code and your password. STEP TWO so you have saved your game and you want to load it, you will need to click the load button then it will ask you for your password and game code. LAST STEP type in your password and you’re save code. Now you’re done! The game file is saved 🙂

this is number 2 of my pet doge if you like you can go over there and check that out and remember to smash that love and star button and follow me
What I’m working on now
A new mini-game
__What’s New On My Pet Doge 2____
you can now save your progress and load it so knock your self out and get as much money as you want because you can save now 🙂